How Do I Find My HS Tariff Code Australia?



When it comes to international trade, it’s essential to accurately classify products for customs purposes. The Harmonised System (HS) Tariff Code provides a standardised classification system that assigns a unique code to each product. In Australia, finding the correct HS Tariff Code is crucial for determining import and export duties, customs regulations, and statistical purposes. In this article, we will explore the steps you can take to find your HS Tariff Code in Australia.

Key Takeaways: 

  • HS Tariff Codes are a standardised classification system for products traded internationally.
  • In Australia, finding the correct HS Tariff Code is essential for determining import and export duties, complying with customs regulations, and compiling trade statistics.
  • It is crucial to use the specific HS Tariff Code for Australia and not rely on codes from other countries.
  • The HS Tariff Code for a product cannot be changed at the discretion of importers or exporters.
  • Accurate classification ensures compliance, smooth customs clearance, and avoids potential penalties or delays in international trade.
HS Tariff Code

What is an HS Tariff Code?

The Harmonised System (HS) is an international nomenclature for the classification of products traded globally. It was developed by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to provide a uniform classification system for customs authorities worldwide. HS Tariff Codes consist of a numerical code that represents specific products or groups of products.

Importance of HS Tariff Codes in Australia

HS Tariff Codes play a vital role in Australia’s international trade. They are used to determining import and export duties, calculate taxes, apply trade policies, and compile trade statistics. Accurately classifying products with the appropriate HS Tariff Code is crucial for complying with customs regulations and avoiding potential penalties or delays in customs clearance.

How to Find Your HS Tariff Code in Australia

Finding the correct HS Tariff Code for your product requires careful research and consultation. Here are three methods you can use:

Online Tariff Finder Tools

Many countries, including Australia, provide online tools to search for HS Tariff Codes. The Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs website offers an easy-to-use online Tariff Finder. You can enter relevant keywords, product descriptions, or specific characteristics to narrow down your search and find the appropriate HS Tariff Code. This tool helps you quickly access the most up-to-date tariff classifications.

Customs Tariff Book

The Australian government publishes the Customs Tariff Book, which contains detailed information on HS Tariff Codes. This book provides comprehensive tariff classifications and associated duty rates. You can browse through the book to identify the relevant section and chapter that corresponds to your product. However, keep in mind that the Customs Tariff Book may not always include specific product details, so additional research may be required.

Consulting with Customs Authorities

If you are unable to find the correct HS Tariff Code using online tools or the Customs Tariff Book, it is advisable to seek guidance from the Australian Border Force (ABF) or customs authorities. They have experts who can assist you in classifying your product accurately. You can contact them directly or visit your local customs office for assistance. Remember to provide detailed information about your product to ensure an accurate classification. Click here to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I classify my product using a similar HS Tariff Code from another country?

No, it is crucial to use the HS Tariff Code specific to the country of import or export. Each country may have slight variations or unique classifications within the HS system. Using the correct HS Tariff Code for Australia is essential for complying with customs regulations and accurately determining duties and taxes.

Can I change the HS Tariff Code for my product?

The HS Tariff Code is an internationally recognised classification system, and changing it is not within the importer’s or exporter’s discretion. The HS Tariff Code is determined based on the product’s nature, composition, and intended use. It is essential to accurately classify your product to avoid customs-related issues and penalties.


Finding the correct HS Tariff Code is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade. In Australia, you can use online tariff finder tools, consult the Customs Tariff Book, or seek assistance from customs authorities to identify the appropriate HS Tariff Code for your product. Accurate classification ensures compliance with customs regulations, facilitates smooth customs clearance, and helps avoid potential penalties or delays. Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest tariff classifications to navigate the complexities of international trade successfully.

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